Landing Pages and Opt-In’s

How to Create a Custom Landing Page to use with Email List Opt-ins! Building your email list is crucial. It is the one marketing tool you own, and it provides the most intimate access you have to your followers. No more trying to out-wit the algorithms! When you email a subscriber, that message patiently waits […]

Save Your Blog- the Social Media Maven

Save Your Blog!

Your blog traffic is about to die. Save your blog! SSL certificates are going to make or break your website. My job as your coach at Social Media Mavens is to help you effectively use social media to funnel readers to the things you own and can generate sales and readership from- mainly your email […]

Email List Tutorials

An Email List is GOLD This tutorial will walk you through Mail Chimp a service that provides a great email list system with free automation. As writers, we don’t own social media. The email list is the only sure-fire way to reach our readers with an important update. Here are my step-by step tutorials on […]

Finding your “WHY”

Becoming a Social Media Maven ______________________________________________________________________ Social Media is a MUST for marketing your writing , but what is your “why?” Do you want others to know you as an author? To read what you write? Are you looking for opportunities in your field? Is it time you viewed yourself as a professional? It is […]