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Is a social media marketing platform for you?

Maybe you just have a little blog and you don’t think social media marketing is for you. Maybe you have a personal story to share. Maybe you are seriously pursuing writing as a career.

Let me help you determine if YOU need a social media marketing platform with these simple questions:

  • Do you want people to read what you write?
  • Do you want people to buy what you write?
  • Are you interested in being hired as a writer or editor?
  • Are any of these future goals?

I bet you just said yes and felt like this was a trick. No trick. Sometimes we just need to see the obvious. As a creative in the writing field you have something to offer, but no one will know what you offer without a solid marketing platform.

No one else will market your work. Except maybe your mom, I bet you didn’t know that your mom sharing your latest blog post might actually be hurting your visibility (oh, yeah. Facebook knows who your mom is. It’s scary.)

Think you will be discovered and have a publisher or agent do the marketing for you? Without a platform, how are you planning to get discovered again?

My first book was published BECAUSE of my marketing platform driven completely by social media. I run a successful and PROFESSIONAL social media campaign for my creative endeavors, and I can teach you to do the same thing.

Let me coach you. I will help you learn:

  1. Why Social Media & What is the Main Goal?
  2. Which Social Media Platforms are right for you.
  3. How to set up your email list, pro FB account, and Instagram
  4. How to get engagement on professional pages


Let me coach you to a successful social media strategy focused on finding your ideal reader!

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