Finding your “WHY”

Becoming a Social Media Maven


Social Media is a MUST for marketing your writing , but what is your “why?”

Do you want others to know you as an author? To read what you write? Are you looking for opportunities in your field? Is it time you viewed yourself as a professional?

It is time to do some homework. Really. Don’t skip writing out the answers to the next few questions. Identifying your why will help you plunge forward to create an effective social media strategy. Also, take a minute to assess your current social media footing. I am excited to see you grow and this will give you a great “before” record to compare to after letting me coach you to create a professional social media marketing strategy.

Write your WHY:


What fears/excuses keep you from marketing on Social Media?


What Social Media Platforms are you currently using PROFESSIONALLY? 


List them below with the current number of followers and a number for how frequently you post there on a scale from 0-8 with 0 being NEVER, 1-7 being the number of days a week you post, and 8 being MULTIPLE TIMES EVERY DAY. This isn’t for measuring goals, but rather for tracking your progress. If you have an email list, add those numbers too!


Facebook 100 followers 5 (I post five days a week)

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