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Save Your Blog!

Your blog traffic is about to die. Save your blog!

SSL certificates are going to make or break your website.

My job as your coach at Social Media Mavens is to help you effectively use social media to funnel readers to the things you own and can generate sales and readership from- mainly your email list and website/blog. (What? You don’t have a email list? I can help with that here: Create Your Email List Tutorial)

For a writer, your blog can be the most vital part of what you do. It’s how you connect with your ideal readers, it’s your creative outlet, it’s your money maker, and it’s your business all rolled into one. The hustle to drive traffic to your blog is an ongoing pursuit of sharing on social media, networking, pinning, and sometimes shoving it in the faces of everyone you know. Your blog is important. If you thought it was hard to get traffic before, just watch what happens if you don’t add an ssl certificate to your site. Your blog will die. You must save it!

Let’s Break this down.

What is an SSL Certificate?

  • When a site starts with HTTPS the S stands for secure. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is essentially the protocol to secure and encrypt communications between the server’s website information and the connections they pass through. Website communication isn’t direct; it passes through servers. Without security, the information being sent can be read or modified my the “middle man” as it passes through the various servers.


  • The SSL certificate authenticates the identity of your website for your readers providing a trust standard your readers deserve.


If you thought it was hard to get {blog} traffic before,

just watch what happens if you don’t add an ssl certificate to your site.


What will happen if I don’t get an SSL certificate?

  • Say goodbye to SEO! Sites with SSL certificates have already been getting higher rankings in search engines, but now there will also be penalties for sites that are not secure. Google has already gone on record saying they are boosting the visibility of SSL ready sites, and all other major browsers are in agreement that priority and penalties are in the future for them as well.


  • Site Speed. Yeah, this actually affects the speed of your site. Secure sites will “talk” faster with browsers. We can’t afford to loose site performance.


  • Warnings. Let’s say you put this off. You don’t ask your readers for information. Your blog is small, and your traffic comes from asking you personal friends on Facebook to read it. By the way, if this is you- we need to talk marketing! Your friend (or mom. if you aren’t marketing professionally yet) clicks your link. They no sooner read the title of your latest post when a little box pops up saying : NOT SECURE! Um, you know your mom just closed the page, so how do you think a first time reader will react?  By the way, Google Chrome already does this, and other browsers are about to too!


  • Your Readers’ Security! This should be the number one reason, but if we are honest blog traffic probably is the driving motivation. Do you ask your readers to sign up for an email list? Do you request a login, password, or sell products? If you say “yes” to any of those, you HAVE to protect your readers from having their information hacked. Plus, you can pretty much forget about new sales or subscribers because a pop-up saying your site is NOT secure when they go to enter information is going to be a HUGE deterent. Your readers are really important. Just image Gandalf coming to you and asking, “Is it secret? Is it Safe?” Can you say yes? You better be protecting your readers’ info. It is your responsibility.

So what do I have to do?

  • Check to see if your site is secure. If your site has an SSL certificate, there will be a little lock right beside your web address. It will look like this:

 Making sure your blog is safe- the social media maven

  • Purchase an SSL Certificate and have it installed. If you are using a hosting company, you need to contact them. Most companies have SSL certificates available for purchase, so check with them first. You can sometime buy them from a different provider, but your host will still have to instal it for you. I use (my hosting company) and they made it a quick and painless process- all I had to do was make the purchase. I know you don’t need another expense, but this is a business expense, like insurance, that you can’t do without.


  • Update links to your blog. The S will now show up in the HTTPS of your web address, but don’t forget to update links you have listed elsewhere. Old links will confuse search engines so replace them on social media, contact info, etc.


  • Tell your other Blogger Friends! Please share this with your fellow blogging friends. It never hurts your readership to share content that helps others. You might save your blog and your friend’s blog, and that makes you a hero! They will thank you. You can pin it to Pinterest too.

Save your Blog- the Social Media Maven

Well, what are you waiting for? Go make your site secure. If you are still having trouble getting traffic to your blog, it might be your marketing strategy. I coach writers to create a marketing platform of social media that is effective and produces readers and sales!

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