Landing Pages and Opt-In’s

How to Create a Custom Landing Page to use with Email List Opt-ins!

Building your email list is crucial. It is the one marketing tool you own, and it provides the most intimate access you have to your followers. No more trying to out-wit the algorithms! When you email a subscriber, that message patiently waits for them in their inbox. They get it. They might delete it without opening occasionally, but they didn’t miss it. That is why we want to build a strong email list.

Creating a landing page and opt-ins is a great way to build your list. But first, let’s go over a few quick things regarding your email list. If you need help setting up an email list, you can watch my tutorials on getting started with mail chimp HERE

 I started an email list, but what do I send to people?

Good question! For my writer friends, you want to focus on driving readers to your list for your writing expertise. They want to know what you have written that is available to them. Purpose is important for your emails. They need to offer value. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I have to offer?
  • What value can I give my readers?
  • Do I have tips to make my readers life better/easier?
  • Do I have updates that will bring them with me on this journey


Whether is keeping them informed about new blog posts, giving them helpful tips, sharing your talents or expertise, or sharing the journey with them be sure that you send information specific to the reasons they joined you. You can do that with Landing pages and Opt-ins.Creating Landing Pages for email opt-ins1 the Social Media Maven

Opt-ins are a great way to build your subscriber list. You can offer a discount, a freebie, a limited time offer, special access to a group, or anything that pertains to the specific value you have to give. Opt-ins allow those that follow secretly on social media to get something otherwise not available to them. They create a conversion from watcher to follower.

I have a tutorial for you on creating custom landing pages in mail chimp to promote opt-ins and organize the new followers from it.


My facebook group Social Media Mavens is a great place to learn more and ask questions. Come join us!

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